Soul Trak Outdoors is a D.C. based nonprofit organization that connects communities of color to outdoor spaces while also building a coalition of diverse outdoor leaders. We run a variety of programming to serve hands-on, experiential programming.

Our mission is threefold:



Connecting communities of color to one another using natural spaces and recreational outlets as unifying mechanisms.



Engage minorities to develop a representative community in the outdoors that reflects our nation.



Facilitate educational and skill based instruction to expand understanding and interest for public lands.

The outdoors is a setting that can bring people from all walks of life together, while also serving as a classroom for life lessons, skill development, sense of place, and outdoor stewardship.

Our Vision

To act as a bridge to wild spaces by uplifting outdoor leaders of diverse backgrounds and create an outdoors that more accurately reflects the diversity of our nation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to build diverse cohorts of outdoor leaders, forge inclusive outdoor spaces, facilitate stronger outdoor communities for underrepresented groups and use outdoor adventure as a catalyst for creating new stewards of public lands.

WHY Soul Trak?

The National Park Service (NPS) turned 100 years old in 2016. Yet, while African Americans make up 13% of the national population, only about 7% of park visitors were black. Latinos, Native Americans, and other non-white visitors are similarly underrepresented. The rest—some 78%—are white. Soul Trak is actively working to change these disproportionate statistics. We are directly engaging disenfranchised members of our communities; we believe that all people of color everyone regardless of background, economic status, age, or gender should be exposed to outdoor spaces, recreational pass times, and educational tools.

WHO IS Soul Trak FOR?

Soul Trak targets communities of color at a variety of different levels. We provide programming that reaches youth, college students and adults within the community who are seeking opportunities for new adventure and learning. We offer activities such as hiking, paddling, climbing, biking, and camping for participants to get out and get active. We use these spaces as a classroom to expand knowledge around outdoor advocacy, skill building, physical fitness, community engagement, environmental science and leadership building.


There is currently a vast gap between minorities participating in outdoor spaces. This gap is the result of many different barriers - Soul Trak seeks to tackle these barriers with the intentions of connecting new communities to the outdoors and creating stewards for this planet’s green spaces.


Our partnerships offer important support towards our work. We are committed to connecting broader audiences with nature and changing the face of leadership in the outdoors. If you are passionate about this also and want to help us in this work, please contact us.