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Please read below to find out more about our new cohort! Amirah is originally from Pennsylvania, and moved to DC in 2022. Her love for the outdoors developed in her teens via her experiences backpacking, hiking, and camping. Amirah also enjoys roller skating, kayaking, and volunteering at community gardens and at her neighborhood’s compost collection.
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We are excited to usher in Black History Month. The theme this year is the Black Renaissance. “We breathe new life into our world through our creative experience. “ Ibram X. Kendi  We start with our monthly Bouldering Night at the Bouldering Project-DC on Eckington Pl in NE Washington on February 1. The event takes place the
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It was cold Monday morning. Junko pulled her hat down lower and surveyed the work sites. While Saanjh, Rochelle, and I stood expectantly at the Lederer Gardens gates waiting for our partners and volunteers to arrive. Slowly and then all at once everyone flowed through the gates meeting, greeting, cheesing. We were excited that our
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Happy New Year!!! We are excited to start a new year of programming with a packed week of winter sports, service, and bouldering. January also signals the start of our third Environmental Leadership Cohort with orientation, ice-skating and indoor climbing. The Environmental Leadership Cohort (ELC) will be comprised of 13 leaders from the greater DC