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Nizhooni Hurd – 31 July 2019 Photo Credit: James Q Martin I have been interning in DC this whole summer and because of IG, I was finally able to connect with Soul Trak. I must say that I was initially a fangirl and that’s how I found Soul Trak. I have been following Tyrhee, along
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Toes touch down in a space I’ve never been before and thoughts land harder than the soles of my feet. Insecurities bombard me with questions. “Is it okay that I’m here?” “Am I invading a space reserved for people of color?” Very aware of my white skin and white privilege, I start second guessing myself
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From the steep hills of West Virginia University, to the bustling city of DC, I have watched my dear friend Tyrhee Moore grow and expand his knowledge of the outdoor world to positively impact the lives of others around him. Last year Tyrhee started his organization, Soul Trak Outdoors. Soul Trak is a nonprofit organization
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I discovered Soul Trak Outdoors via social media, as an avid thrill seeker and outdoorsman it caught my attention as something I might be interested in. I attended the Soul Trak Social’s Climb and Brunch event and immediately knew joining the group was a great decision. Climbing is something relatively new to me but with