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Soul Trak Student Ambassador Program

The Soul Trak Student Ambassador Program is a career development opportunity for students at Howard University. Ambassadors will gain experience and knowledge in community organizing, event management and planning all while engaging and activating their peers in outdoor programming. Soul Trak Ambassadors cohorts are carefully selected, they are trained and developed over each semester to increase campus awareness through an ambassador led initiative to activate students on Howard's campus. 

Once Ambassadors are selected, the mission is to join forces with their cohort to create realistic way to activate and connect their peers on campus to the outdoors.  Ambassadors will meet twice a month, meeting with business professionals,  sharing ideas and organizing the many logistics in creating an "end of the semester" initiative for students on their campus. At each semester's end, Ambassadors will have created 2 successful large public events total for access to their peers on campus.



  • Support Soul Trak events and screenings from January through August 2019;
  • Assist with the identification of students to attend events and raise awareness about opportunities to support Soul Trak;
  • Establish beneficial connections that will help promote the Soul Trak brand on campus
  • Provide insight to better understand the campus culture and interest in outdoor activities and programs.
  • Attend program wide Soul Trak events.

Student Ambassador Profile:

  • Enrolled in full-time undergraduate/postgraduate study
  • Willing to dedicate his or her time to assist with on-campus marketing
  • Results oriented and competitive in nature
  • Energetic, outgoing, creative and organized, with outstanding verbal and written communication skills
  • Active on campus and involved with student organizations and activities
  • A minimum of a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale


  • Aug 14 - Soul Trak Interest Meeting
  • Sept 3 - Soul Trak Application Deadline
  • Sept 17 - Ambassador acceptnce notice.

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If you’re interested in becoming a Soul Trak Student Ambassador for your campus, you can apply online ! Questions?

Soul Trak Student Ambassadors

Soul Trak Student Ambassadors are valuable assets to their college campus. Our next generation of leaders will use this ambassadorship as an opportunity to collaborate with their peers within their ambassador cohort throuhgout each semester to build out promising outdoor engagement for students on Howard's campus. 

Through the year, ambassadors will have access to monthly Soul Trak outings to explore different local outdoor adventures like paddling, hiking, climbing and many others. These activities will help fuel their excitement to get outside and also to use the outdoors as a classroom and workspace to plan on school wide campus initiatives. 

Featured Activities

Students will enjoy incredible opportunities getting outside and developing game plans to collaborate, organize and lead on their campuses. With the support of Soul Trak, students will plan to engage students of color on how to build a community that is more active and spends time outside.

 Student ambassadors will make a commitment to take on leadership roles on their campus. Soul Trak will continue to work with its student leaders as they prepare to take action in their communities and on campus.


Rock Climbing

Night Hike


Leadership workshops

Discussion panels

Incubator Workshops

Team building Initiatives

Social Justice Workshop

Workforce engagement


Outdoor Zumba

A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.
Martin Luther King, Jr

Leadership Skills

Soul Trak student leaders will:


Organize small gatherings and events on campus for other students of color with interest in outdoor engagement.


Implement initiatives on campus that they've initially planned during Student Leadership retreat with the help of Soul Trak Staff.


Lead small outings in local parks and trails. Work with other Student Ambassador and Soul Trak Staff for off campus outings and initiatives


Collaborate with outdoor organizations and student groups for different outing opportunities for Soul Trak members.

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If you’re interested in becoming a Soul Trak Student Ambassador for your campus, you can apply online ! Questions?