Soul Trak is a registered 501(c)(3) so your donations are tax-exempt; all sponsors and donors will receive a receipt with every sponsorship or donation. Our programs are offered at a low cost to all Soultrakers, with the greatest consideration for our family and collegiate participants.

If you'd prefer not to donate online, you can mail your donation to: Soul Trak Outdoors, 1651 1/2  38th St SE , Washington, DC 20020. 

Our Supporters

Merrell Donated $10,000 in Sept 2019Daena C.M Donate $100 on Nov 3
Liam Purtle Donated $1,150.00 on Oct 8Gabriella Santos Donated $10 on Oct 4
Caroline Sadler Donated $150 on July 11Rachel Rudwall Donated $100 on July 9
Aretha Moore Donated $100 on June 21 Dan Drown Donated $100 on June 19
Tameka Gongs Donated $200 on April 9Aretha Moore Donated $100 on March 25
Colleen Mchugh Donated $100 on March 24 Mary Speyer Donated $500 on Nov 20
Beth Nadler Donated $10 on Sept 27 Ellen Lougee Donated $25 on Sept 23
Jonah Meyers Donated $50 on Sept 23 Aretha Moore Donate $50 on July 19
Lisa Tilstra Donated $200 on Nov 15 Kim Smith Donated $100 on Nov 20

How To Become a Soul Supporter

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Soul Track Gift Registry on REI

Soul Trak Outdoors also has an active gift registry on REI if you are interested in giving gear to participant programming.


Our partnerships offer important support towards our work. We are committed to connecting broader audiences with nature and changing the face of leadership in the outdoors. Thank you for your support.