Adult Programs

Soul Trak’s Adult Programming is designed to use the outdoors and its many activities as a setting to promote engagement, push boundaries, educate its participants, and strengthen community. Soul Trak welcomes individuals from all walks of life and levels of outdoor experience. From novices to experts, this is a setting for anyone looking to learn, teach, and connect with others in their community in the outdoors. One of the most effective ways to promote diversity outside is representation, it matters. Our youth programming thrives off our adult participants serving in roles of leadership for our programs.

Soul Trak Socials

Our monthly Soul Trak Socials are group outings where Soultrakers have the opportunity to do different activities such as hiking, paddling, climbing, and ziplining. All Soul Trak Social outings are followed by a Soul Trak hosted brunch to further promote unity and learning. Brunch is filled with fun games and activities, but most importantly an opportunity to encourage participants to further engage and take advantage of other events taking place in the community like different youth and collegiate volunteering opportunities here at Soul Trak.It is important that our adults are just as active outside as our youth because we’re who they are looking to for inspiration!

Soul Trak Serve

Our goal is also to build a community of volunteer with leading our youth as well as the greater community. Soul Trak Serve will take Soul Trak Social participant and Soul Trak members who are interested in furthering their involvement. It is important that our youth see other leaders of color in outdoor spaces. These adult participants will lead outings and workshops with youth in the community and take part in other community service initiatives.

Soul Track Membership

Soul Trak’s Annual membership is a great way to begin supporting the different youth and collegiate programming at Soul Trak. Membership fee helps support activities, programming supplies supplies, and food for our younger Soultrakers. It also gets you really cool benefits for our adult outings and events!

Soul Trak Membership - $75 Fee:

Membership Benefits:

  • First Soul Trak Day Outing Free!
  • Discounts on all monthly Soul Trak Social outings
  • Priority registration over general admission on outings
  • Access to " Soul Trak Members Only" events
  • Donation to Soul Trak Youth Programming
  • Surprise membership gifts throughout the year.