Community Programs

Soul Trak’s Community Programming is designed to use the outdoors and its many activities as a setting to promote engagement, push boundaries, educate its participants, and strengthen the community. Soul Trak welcomes individuals from all walks of life and levels of outdoor experience. From novices to experts, this is a setting for anyone looking to learn, teach, and connect with others in the outdoors. One of the most effective ways to promote diversity outside is through adequate representation. From there, we engage in service-learning initiatives where we take ownership over the very land that provides us with enjoyable moments in nature. We nurture it, look after it, and protect it.  

Soul Trak Socials

We Hike, Climb, Paddle, Bike, Camp, Run, Spend Time with family, amongst many others.

We facilitate multigenerational programming that serves families, college students, and general community members. Primarily we engage our community through our weekend outing programs, social events, technical skills workshops and through our various year-long cohorts. 

Soul Trak Serve

We Clean, We Plant, We Maintain, We EDucate, We Advocate

In order for Soul Trak to enjoy our many adventures, there must also be stewards that care for the land that we utilize. It is important that we dedicate equal time to nurture the environment as we do for our leisure. 

Year-long Programming Engagement 2021 Environmental Leadership Cohort Innaguaral Program Application Opens Oct 12th!

Environmental Leadership Cohort

The inaugural Environmental Leadership Cohort (ELC) will be comprised of 12-15 leaders from the greater DC Metro area, representing a wide variety of environmental interests and a diverse range of personal and professional backgrounds. This cohort will actively serve a 12-month commitment within the program from January to December 2021, focusing on stewardship initiatives, community organizing, and leadership development. Additional programming will include workshops on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, professional development, and grassroots activism with the end goal of delivering tangible community and environmental impact.


Program Highlights and Responsibilities

Each ELC fellow will:

·       Facilitate various outdoor adventures: day and overnight trips including hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, biking, camping, service trips, etc.

·       Participate in training workshops aimed at enhancing various outdoor technical skills and environmental knowledge

·       Develop individual blog content for "Quarantined in Nature" series

·       Produce vlog and social media content on outings

·       Individually and/or with other fellows, facilitate social sustainability projects for communities of color

·       Collectively conceive and execute two large initiatives across the program in which each fellow engages external BIPOC community members in achieving larger sustainability goals

·       Develop and demonstrate social and environmental leadership skills over the course of the program

·       Mentor Soul Trak youth and college volunteers/participants


Benefits for Participants

·       Learn or deepen skills in rock climbing, paddling, camping, outdoor cooking, trail maintenance, water cleaning, invasive species, and plant life training, social sustainability, and urban gardening

·       Ability to earn certification in First Aid/CPR, Belay, Leave No Trace, and Single Pitch Instructor, among other areas

·       Expert-led professional development and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion training sessions

·       Develop a broader network of BIPOC peers and mentees in the DC Metro community

.    Group facilitation experience in an environmental context. 


Ideal ELC Fellows Will Have:

·       Completion of undergraduate degree and/or equivalent professional experience or outdoor expertise

·       Comfortable pursuing hands-on service and recreational initiatives in year-round weather. 

·       Ability to commit to 2 meetings a month across a 12-month period (Wednesday and Saturday meetings with some overnight commitments) 

·       Strong cultural competency and ability to work in diverse groups, with a commitment to social justice, equity, and inclusion

·       Demonstrated engagement in the community or outdoor initiatives, ideally involving equity and access initiatives

·       Comfortable planning and facilitating outdoor activities for community members

·       Some familiarity or mastery of outdoor fitness activities or environmental sustainability strategies preferred




 Application Deadline is Dec 3rd at 11:55pm 

Soul Track Membership

Soul Trak’s Annual membership is a great way to begin supporting the different youth and collegiate programming at Soul Trak. Membership fee helps support activities, programming supplies supplies, and food for our younger Soultrakers. It also gets you really cool benefits for our adult outings and events!

Soul Trak Membership - $75 Annual Fee:

Membership Benefits:

  • Discounts on all monthly Soul Trak Social outings
  • Priority registration over general admission on outings
  • Access to " Soul Trak Members Only" events
  • Surprise membership gifts throughout the year.