Volunteering at Soul Trak

We are always looking for additional volunteer support within our organization. Whether you are interested in contributing a specific service or expertise to being available for hands-on-deck events through the organization, we are happy to have you.  Please see the opportunities below

Volunteer Committees

Outreach Committee 

To increase Soul Trak program opportunities further into the community and bring more

visibility to the work happening within our organization. 

  • Tabling Opportunities 

  • Attending Partner Events 

  • Identifying additional Partnership Opportunities 

  • Promotion of programs virtually and in-person to larger networks


Fundraising Committee 

To bring additional resources (financial and in-kind) into the organization to help expand the

 quality and longevity of our programs.

  • Donor Engagement 

  • Fundraising Strategy 

  • Revenue Diversification 

  • Grant Sourcing 

  • Grant Writing 


Program Committee 

Increases access and opportunities to underrepresented communities in nature through the implementation of creative programs

and activities in green space. 

  • Trip Planning 

  • Trip Leading 

  • Program Facilitation 

  • Service Initiatives


Flagship Committee 

Conduct larger annual program opportunity intended to attract a wide array of supporters and our community to highlight Soul Trak’s accomplishments and fundraising towards future efforts.


  • Organizing for our Annual Spring Fundraiser  (Mile for Soul)

  • Organizing for our fall fundraising event 

Join a team of doers. Becoming a Soul Trak Volunteers gives you the opportunity to activate members in your community, inspire others, and help grow a community of change.

To apply, email hello@soultrak.com with a cover letter & resume describing your interest in working with Soul Trak Outdoors.